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The weekly spelling test is your child’s first encounter with scholastic evaluation in today’s highly competitive environment. is an interactive tool designed to prepare children for these tests by utilizing a fun, dynamic and "Mommy Free" approach. Parents or teachers can simply enter their student's spelling words each Monday and will create a 5 step, instructional learning program predicated on the marriage between leading edge technology and good old fashion repetition and reward processes.

Spelling Junior Step by Step Method

spelling gameStep 1 - Introduction Lesson

This lesson will introduce students to their new words. Our host “Jake” will state the word, use the word in a sentence and state the word again. Students will be asked to say and spell each word. The words are given to the student to help them acclimate to their new words.

This lesson includes definitions, synonyms and spelling rules were applicable, allowing students to become more knowledgeable about their word lists.

spelling testStep 2 - Students get to pick 1 lesson below.


1. Spelling Bee- This lesson simulates a live spelling bee using the student's word list. The spelling bee is unparalleled platform with the bright lights and pressure-packed atmosphere of a competitive spelling bee. The student's BigIQ buddy will enter the bee representing the student.

* A writing assignment of the student's incorrect words follows this lesson.


2. Robot Spelling Game- This lesson consists of an interactive spelling game similar to the traditional spelling game Hangman but uses a more kid friendly approach. As the user tries spelling their word they want to avoid breaking apart the animated robt. The lesson challenges the student to correctly spell their words. This lesson is followed by a writing assignment.

* The writing assignment is around the student's entire word list.

sight wordsStep 3 - Students get to pick 1 lesson below.

1. Word Scramble Spelling Game- This lesson will utilize the popular word scramble format that tests the student's ability to find the words in scrambled letters. This lesson calls upon the student's recognition skills and providing reinforcement of the look and structure of the words.


2. Spelling Bee - Reference above.
spelling beeStep 4 - Pop Quz
This lesson is a pop quiz wherein our host "Jake" oversees a simulated classroom testing environment and asks the student all the words on that week’s list. The program records and emails the results of the Pop Quiz to the parent thus providing valuable insight as to those words requiring additional attention and review. *NOTE: Students need to pass this quiz with a score of 80% or above to advance to the next step. Students get a chance to be in the 100% club if they score 100% on their pop quiz.

spelling helpStep 5 - Spelling Test
This lesson is a spelling test wherein our host "Jake" oversees a simulated standardized test. The program records and emails the results of the Spelling Test to the parent thus providing valuable insight as to those words requiring additional attention and review. *NOTE: Students need to pass this test with a score of 100% or above to advance to the next step.

During this time, the program will select from all the words previously studied and generate random tests consisting of 20 words and those results will be logged in the student’s account for further progress analysis. *NOTE: Review tests are given after every 4th lesson.

spelling activitiesReward
After the child completes his/her lesson they earn a game coin to play fun, age appropriate games. We add games through out the year. Currently we have over 80 games to choose from.

vocabulary homework

Full Game Page

BigIQkids game page is such a wonderful motivator turning boring homework it to a fun activity. Our kids learn to develop a love for learning because BigIQkids makes learning fun.

This premium program opens up the game page to OVER 80+ games. This allows kids to work hard on their lessons to earn more game coins. Many of our games are educational and brain logic games. Students are still learning, but don't let them know that!

24/7 Reports

Progress reports are available 24/7. Results can be easily shared via online or by printing or email.

Game Page Fun!

With over 80+ games to choice from, there is something for kids of all ages. Kids never get bored with our wide selection of games from painting, target, sports, traditional, logica and strategy games. We continue to add games to our ever growing game page.

Great User Experience

BigIQkids Spelling Junior has really made a difference with our students. One little guy who had been getting 70’s got his first 100% last Friday. What a thrill for him."
Dorothy - Teacher 1st Grade

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