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Home Page (SpellingTime is now BigIQkids Spelling Program) is a FREE virtual spelling tutor that presents quizzes, spelling bees, spelling tests, and fun spelling games all customized to each child’s abilities. Our students score 100% on every spelling test!

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Spelling program summary:

  • New - FREE Online Spelling Program!
  • Free vs. Paid Versions
  • Customizable spelling word lists - use our word lists or yours
  • Simulates classroom test taking scenarios;
  • Phonetically correct avatars - children see how words are spoken
  • Includes definitions & synonyms & spelling rules
  • Introduces words before giving lessons
  • Allows both mouse or keyboard input - Improves typing!
  • Systematic & unique daily lessons build toward Friday success
  • Program advances around a student's proficiency
  • Built in review test given after ever 4th lesson completed
  • Required writing assignment each week
  • Instantaneously sends progress reports and quiz results via email
  • Students earn a game coin as a reward for doing their spelling work
  • Provides an environment that promotes self-learning
  • Our lessons are printable - can use in the car, bus or plane
  • Children love the program and their grades improve
  • Teaching avatars provide your child with their own virtual spelling tutor. 
  • Award winning spelling program

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