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PTO, PTA & Organizations

SpellingTime understands the important role organizations and associations play in the education of today’s young learners. Whether a PTA, PTO or Home School Coalition, these groups exist to promote quality education and encourage community involvement. Part & parcel with their mission comes the responsibility of raising funds to pay for necessities above and beyond the yearly budget.

The SpellingTime Partnership Program provides an innovative fund raising opportunity whereby groups can leverage preexisting assets such as mailing lists, school newsletters and take home fliers to promote subscriptions to SpellingTime within their community. With each new subscriber, SpellingTime will donate a substantial percentage of the subscription fee to the organization.

The Partnership Program is easy to implement and is an exception fund raising vehicle that generates donations year-round while at the same time promoting a truly effective learning tool that both parents and children love.

For more information on the Partnership Program, please contact Joe Marcionette via email (joe@spellingtime.com) or telephone at (845) 242 8889.

For additional information about our SpellingTime online program click here.

Please contact Joe:

(845) 242 8889
Fundraisng can be easy, rewarding and educational!