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Classroom Account versus Individual Account

A classroom account was designed for teachers with a traditional classroom having one weekly word list for all students (usually over 10).  These students are always on the same lesson each week doing one lesson a day. A classroom account goes around the same weekly word list and does not advance any one student. The program will advance to the next lesson on Mondays keeping all your students on the same lesson each week. You can not customize a student’s word list; all your students will have the word list of the teachers account. You can add up to 24 students with a classroom account.

An individual account is for a one child. You can not share an individual account with multiple children. The Individual account is more dynamic than classroom accounts. An individual account goes around a child’s progress regardless of the day of the week. The program will not advance to the next lesson until the child completed their current lesson with proficiency. The program will register and advance a user doing multiple lessons in one day. An individual account allows for customizable word lists. Most users fall under this category because they require the additional features that an individual account provides. An individual account advances the student based upon subject matter proficiency which is the ideal learning environment.

Note: An individual account is for a single user if you have a family or group of students that have separate word lists each child will need their own individual account.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your subscription at anytime. If you cancel your subscription you will not be refunded. Please go through our live demo before placing your order.