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“I teach first grade and it has really made a difference with our students.  One little guy who had been getting 70’s on his spelling tests, got his first 100 last Friday.  What a thrill for him.  My students get to make their 100 test in to a paper airplane and fly it to see who can fly it the furthest, too.  He flew his the furthest so he got a prize out of the prize box.  He kept say, “I’m having a lucky day!”  Thank you for developing this site."
Dorothy – Teacher
" I am an Information/Technology Instructor at an elementary school.  I was searching for web sites that had grade level content that coincides to our units I decided Spelling Time more than passed my requirements, so I am promoting it to our teachers and students.  Hopefully, you all will get a lot more subscriptions from our patron community as the kids start working on it in their of instruction.  If they pass my test for content standards and appropriate information, I then put the links on our Student Resource page of our school web site.  I came across Spelling Time and tried a subscription for my grand daughter who is in 2nd grade at our school.  Within minutes we put her weekly spelling words in and she was flying.  Working with her spelling words had already become a drudgery that none of us liked.  Now she comes home from school and jumps on her iMac and works.  I get a kick out of the emails that tell me what words she is having difficulty 
with.   I then work with them one on one at home.  Keep putting up the cool games and activities and this should be a real win win for all of us.....  especially the kids!!! Thanks,"
Tom Pisano/Technology Teacher – Colorado
"I would like to thank you for this excellent site! My son has had problems all year! My older son came home from school and told me about it. His teacher uses it with her students. I love the fact that she does so, but even more I love the fact that even if the teacher doesn't use this program, me, the parent, are able to go to your site start my own account and use it! I will pass this on to all the parents I know! Once again, thank you very much!  Now, a very Happy Mother!"
Rebecca Hardin – Texas
"With Spelling Time, my first and fifth grader are now able to learn their spelling words on their own, without my spending time on daily drills.  It’s the first subject they happily complete each morning!  Thank you so much for providing this time-saving service."
Margaret – Homeschooler
"I wanted to let you know how wonderful your program is. I have a son who struggles with spelling. Different spelling programs did not work for him. Spelling time does. It is fun and more important, the frustration is gone. I am not longer frustrated and my son is not either. Please let me know when your other programs are available."
Bianca Vesotsky
“I love this program! Ever since we started using this website, my daughter has aced every spelling test and she is now excited to practice spelling. We have recommended this program to all of our friends and family who have children!! Thank you”
Jeani Vida – Colorado

"I saw the site and tried it! Now in my classroom we use it for spelling lessons every day! I connect the lessons from the laptop to the overhead and voila!! This is wonderful considering as a teacher we compete with the TV, Playstation, and well computers!! Thank you so much!!"
Carrie LaBarge/Teacher – Florida

"You have come up with a terrific program! My daughter loves a challenge and my son has a terrible time and your program works for both! I only hope that you continue it for the higher grades! I think your program will be the solution to MY family's spelling woes!!"
Hollee Shomette – Virginia

"As a father I can honestly say that my child loves it. He got to do the word search on the smart board at school today which makes it larger than life. The 11 year old was helping him with it at school. When he got home, he logged on and did it again just for the fun of it. He said he is hoping to make a 100% on this weeks test."
Leroy Steigerwalt/4th Grade Teacher – South Carolina

"I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying spelling time. We have been able to visit the lab twice with Mr. Steigerwalt's class. The mentorship with the 4th and 2nd graders has been a joy to watch."
Mrs. Atkins/4th Grade Teacher – South Carolina

"My daughter is in fourth grade and has been a terrible speller, mostly because the traditional way of learning spelling didn't work for her. She loves your program and I don't have to beg and plead to get her to do it. She actually likes doing the lessons. Additionally, I like the flexibility of being able to add her spelling words if they're already not included in your database. I have seen an improvement in the way she attacks spelling now. I think she's finally starting to take off. Thank you so much. This has helped us tremendously.”
Valerie Susani – Pennsylvania

"My daughter Alexis is still very much loving Spelling Time! She is always eager to do her day's lesson at Spelling Time! I've always loved spelling and I am glad she is enjoying it too.

The program worked fine for us before the upgrade, and continues to work fine. I'll have you know though, that my daughter did let out a big "WHOOOPIIEEE" when she saw all of those new games!!

Thanks for providing such a great spelling site!!!”
Laura Lee Richard – Plymouth MA

"My son is in the 5th grade and also loves your program (I wish I had found you 3 years ago!).  However, after this year, he will be done as your program only goes to the 5th grade.  Any thoughts of making a similar program for the upper grades?  This is an awesome way for my kids to learn spelling!  My only problem now is going to be getting them to do their other work.  Keep up the wonderful work!!!"

Practice SpellingBonnie Fellows – Ohio

spelling help

“Wow! My son is consistently getting 100% on his spelling tests. This has also improved his confidence on other tests. When are MathTime and SocialStudiesTime coming!
Love your program.”
Lisa Dinges – Poughquag, NY

spelling testimonials"I am so impressed already!!! My daughter hates spelling (we're currently on week 20 of her spelling curriculum)! We've been having her write her words 3x each everyday and then take a test on Friday. However, I started your program about an hour ago and she's already begun. She actually asked me "Mommy, can we do this every day?". This is awesome! Thank you for having this kind of resource available to us!!" Sincerely,
Kelli Kapfer-Illinois

spelling Practice

"It's a multisensory approach to learning spelling combined with interactive fun. I love it!"
Leah Wallace/Teacher – New York

" Thank you for providing this fun, interactive resource-my son is enjoying spelling. I think, for the very first time!"
Amy Porter – Maryland
"I liked the way the characters interacted with me, and the idea of "earning" game time. Good idea!"
Holly Jarrell – North Carolina
"This application was so great my kids want to play. They can play and learn - what a great combination!!"
Maureen Lo – New York
"The program saves mom or dad time from having to quiz and correct spelling words. My boys look forward to their spelling lessons on SpellingTime. The challenge to beat the game high scorers motivates them to want to do their lessons several times a day. Because they are able to do SpellingTime without my involvement, it gives me an opportunity to spend one-on-one teaching time with the sibling not currently using SpellingTime."
Marj – Tennessee
" … Visually bright and inviting, kid-friendly… Volume bar a nice touch… Helps my children spell as well as navigate the PC."
Jim Marcinelli – Massachusetts

"I just love the whole program FINALLY something productive and useful for my children to use on the Internet!"
Agnes Sucato – Florida

"A half an hour everyday to myself AND I don’t need to worry about the kids homework…THANK YOU!"
Pam Manning - Connecticut
"I loved the colors and kids asking the questions. You are very creative and did a great job designing this. It looks great, very appealing to the eye and I love the pop quiz and the bottle pops. Nice touch."
Marissa Brachfeld – Connecticut
"Kids don't feel that they're learning but playing… playfulness and education, like the mix!"
Michael Marcinelli – New York